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How Should You Use Gold In Your Portfolio?

The most important portfolio factor for many investors is diversification. Lowering portfolio risk while generating yield is something that every investor should strive for. One asset class that engenders a multitude of emotions but has no yield is precious metals and gold in particular. Gold

Live Long and Prosper

By Robyn Graham, CIM, CFP, FCSI, Portfolio Manager – Managing Director of Wealth Management at ETF Capital Management “IT’S NEVER TOO LATE TO BE WHAT YOU MIGHT HAVE BEEN. — GEORGE ELLIOT, AUTHOR” A sea change has occurred in the financial planning and wealth management professions.

Chinese Credit Risk Rising

The bull market from 2003 to 2007 was led by dramatic growth in US housing and dramatic growth in China. The Chinese boom drove the demand for commodities and was the major catalyst in the previous cycle. A few weeks ago, Google (GOOGL Alphabet) surpassed