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What are the Odds of a Melt Up Before a Melt Down?

Jeremy Grantham, co-founder of GMO LLC, one of Europe’s large value managers made the case last month that the final stage of the bull market could see a massive melt up. Grantham has studied all historical bubbles and is regarded as an expert in the

Bitcoins vs Tulip Bulbs

Tulip bulbs were once a store of value. Their value was determined by their beauty and what the next person would pay for one. They can die (and can be mined so to speak), which was a troubling sign, but they never had stable demand…

What is Your Investment Personality? Are you an Independent?

The final investor type that we are going to explore in my Fall 2017 Investor’s Guide to Thriving is the independent analyst. Independents are actively involved in the investment process and enjoy the research part of investing. They are good decision-makers and have no problem

What is Your Investment Personality? Are you a Follower?

My Fall 2017 Investor’s Guide to Thriving tour features “What’s Your Investor Personality?” – a fascinating talk about the behavioural science of successful (and not so successful) investing. I will lead the audience through an exercise to identify what type of investor they are of