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Political Polarization Can’t Be Good for Growth?

I’m in Ottawa this week for some meetings with a few MPs. I’m working for sensible policy to help Canadians and to avoid a bleak fiscal future if hard decisions are not made soon. By way of disclosure so, I don’t get accused to being

Global Bond Yields on the Rise—Impact on Balanced Portfolios?

Global bond yields are moving higher and in some cases breaking to levels not seen in several years. The moves on a multi-decade scale are hardly noticeable. Japanese yields are still extraordinarily low, but are probably most important from a psychological perspective. As central banks

Outlook for Long-Term Interest Rates

Last week a very influential US Bank CEO (Jamie Dimon) warned that longer-term US interest rates would be rising significantly. I think he’s out to lunch. He does see the equity bull market extending 2 to 3 more years and thinks the economy is strong

Updated Thoughts on NAFTA and the Canadian Dollar

In the past few weeks Canada has taken a back seat on trade related foreign policy. Incoming Mexico president Lopez Obrador is very interested in doing a trade deal sooner than later even though he officially takes the reigns after the US November elections. The

China A-Shares Inclusion in Emerging Market Indexes

On June 1, 2018, MSCI added 234 Chinese A-Shares into the MSCI Emerging Markets Index. A shares trade in Shanghai and Shenzhen and have historically only been available to mainland citizens. This is expected to increase China’s weight in the index modestly from 31 per cent