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Enough with TINA: There is an Alternative to Equities

Our latest piece in the Globe & Mail explores the argument that stock markets must continue endlessly spiraling upward. Why? Because rates are to remain between negative and to low (which we agree with), and therefor there is no alternative to pure equity risk (we

Retirement finances

Will You have enough to retire in the new normal?

The Investment Landscape has changed – Will You have enough to retire in the new normal? Blackrock CEO Larry Fink’s latest to shareholders addresses some of the main topics of my current roadshow. Specifically the section titled: Changes to the investment landscape. Will you have

Smart Dollar Cost Averaging

Putting a new twist on Dollar Cost Averaging

Trying to understand the mass psychology and behaviour of the markets can help us make better investment decisions. We have all heard of the idea of buy low sell high, but how do we figure out when to do it. Most investors tend to dislike