How Canadians Can Prepare for Years of Disappointing Economic Performance

In this week’s Globe and Mail piece, Larry gets political with a critique of central bank and Canadian government policies. If the US election is any indication, the will of the people to break the cycle of endless deficit spending and unsustainable government policies is reaching the point where literally extreme outcomes could result (President Donald J. Trump?)

The fact of the matter is, if you’re 45+ you grew up in easy times that are now over. It’s not the end, but it is the beginning of a new phase for the global economy, and Canada (being heavily linked to global growth with its resource economy) is very sensitive to this new normal. Not to mention that should Trump win, and tear up NAFTA, it could put a damper on 80% of Canadian exports. Not great for our already struggling economy (let’s not even think about our dependence on real estate turning from a boom to bust). It’s not all doom and gloom though, read the article online at The Globe and Mail to get some answers and solutions to the times we’re in:

3 thoughts on “How Canadians Can Prepare for Years of Disappointing Economic Performance”

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    John Casey says:

    NAFTA, TPP and all other free trade and unilateral trade agreements are the cause of the depressed economy. The effects of free trade were mostly hidden for decades by cheap products and easy credit. I pray for Trump to get and a crush all trade agreements… it may take a few years, but then you will see the economy return once the jobs do.

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      Larry Bermam says:

      Everyone is entitled to their own opinion when it comes to politics, but history is filled with dire lessons about what happens when countries implement protectionist policies and steep tariffs. This is an insightful piece that can help shed some perspective on why neither Trump, nor Clinton, can bring back the so called golden age:

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        Rab says:

        Why did you use Trump as an example of an extreme outcome? Did you mean bad or good? I consider Obama to have been and extreme outcome for the worse and Trudeau to be another extreme bad outcome. Unlike these two examples Trump has actual achievements in the adaptive free markets while the other two are tied to their unadaptive marxist ideology. Even with the Mussolini style bastardized “free” markets we have today I still have more faith in Trump’s ability navigate in today and tomorrows economic storm.

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