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2019 Outlook and 2018 Recap of Berman’s Calls

If you haven’t heard me say this 100x before, or are just tuning in to hear what yet another one of these “talking heads” thinks is sure to happen in markets – let me disappoint again – NO ONE KNOWS what will happen next in

A Look at Q1 S&P 500 Earnings. The Technology Sector is Key!

According to FactSet, 52 companies in the S&P 500 have issued negative EPS guidance and 53 companies in the S&P 500 have issued positive EPS guidance. While this sounds quite balanced, history shows that companies issuing negative EPS guidance is well below the five-year average

Larry’s 2018 Market Outlook

The tradition on Berman’s Call has been for me to use the last show of the year to forecast what I expect for 2018. Let me start off by saying, at the end of 2016 I was concerned about the risks building in the world

What Does Market Valuation Tell Us About Future Returns?

You have probably heard from me and others that the US market is overvalued. You have also probably heard (from others) that since interest rates are so low, the market deserves a higher valuation. One of my favourite investment managers (GMO – Grantham, Mayo, &

Assessing the Risk of a Market Correction

We finally saw a bit of volatility last week ignited by the tough talk between Trump and North Korea. Will this be the catalyst to ignite the next material market decline? Reading the “Tape” is not for everyone. It’s a skill that is fraught with

How Should You Use Gold In Your Portfolio?

The most important portfolio factor for many investors is diversification. Lowering portfolio risk while generating yield is something that every investor should strive for. One asset class that engenders a multitude of emotions but has no yield is precious metals and gold in particular. Gold