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Lot’s of Support, Not a Lot of Confidence!

Please, make sure you do your part in the global pandemic. Not to participate would be selfish. Sacrifice is needed by all to preserve as much life as possible. Take care of yourself and your loved ones. The 2008 post Lehman playbook is still in

Is Activist ESG Investing Causing Market Mispricing?

Activist investing often sees large pools of money taking major stakes in companies and seeks to get representation on boards to effect change in the C-Suite. A new type of activist investing is really gaining momentum in the ETF world and that is the environmental,

Value in Natural Gas Sector for a Trade?

Make no mistake, the broad markets are in a melt-up phase and there is very little value in most sectors. This is not likely because we are about to embark on a strong period of economic growth or even that trade tensions have cooled. This

Gold May Be the Best Asset Class in 2020

The added geopolitical tensions in the Middle East add yet another reason to keep gold exposure in your portfolio in 2020. As we listen to the gaggle of former central bankers in recent months now admitting that monetary policy is less effective and can’t do