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Seasonality and Stimulus Supportive for Q2

This week marks the 14th anniversary of Berman’s Call on BNN. Thank you! Seasonality patterns show the longer-term biases markets have exhibited historically. There is no guarantee these work every year. When we combine seasonal factors with other (none related) factors like the recent $1.9T

Why the Fed Will Not Likely Let Rates Go Up (Much More)

The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) updates the 10-year budget forecast each month. The current $1.9T COVID relief Bill has not been signed into law yet, so it is not in these numbers, but it will make the debt/deficit numbers worse. We expect the Biden Administration

The Bond Vigilante is Back

The Fed’s balance sheet is massive. The central banks of the world will most likely win the short-term fights in this day and age of unlimited money printing. Recent action in the bond market suggests we may see a knock down battle at the O.K.

What is Volatility Telling us About Markets

Another factor in our Probable Return on Investment Index, PRO-II (pronounced Pro Eyes) Indicator is volatility. We look at two aspects: 1. Expectations for volatility for the next month vs. volatility 4 months from now. 2. Current level of volatility relative to recent trends (quarterly