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Is Activist ESG Investing Causing Market Mispricing?

Activist investing often sees large pools of money taking major stakes in companies and seeks to get representation on boards to effect change in the C-Suite. A new type of activist investing is really gaining momentum in the ETF world and that is the environmental,

Value in Natural Gas Sector for a Trade?

Make no mistake, the broad markets are in a melt-up phase and there is very little value in most sectors. This is not likely because we are about to embark on a strong period of economic growth or even that trade tensions have cooled. This

Gold May Be the Best Asset Class in 2020

The added geopolitical tensions in the Middle East add yet another reason to keep gold exposure in your portfolio in 2020. As we listen to the gaggle of former central bankers in recent months now admitting that monetary policy is less effective and can’t do

2020 Outlook and 2019 Recap of Berman’s Calls

The tradition on Berman’s Call has been for me to use my last show of the year to forecast what I expect for the coming year and address any mea culpa for bad Berman Calls in 2019. I got the volatility outlook for 2019 all

Risk-Return of Gold Sector in 2020

When evaluating investment opportunities, I always look at both potential return of being right and risk of being wrong. Far too many people only consider the upside and not the downside. While gold bullion is not technically fixed-income in that it does not pay a

What Do Collapsing Bond Yields Mean for Your Portfolio?

“We have a bond market where one-quarter of the universe trades at a negative yield. The long bond yield just went negative in Germany [the entire yield curve in Switzerland has been negative for a while]. Over half the world’s bond market is trading below

S&P 500 at 3000: Hurdle, Ceiling or Emotional Test?

Last episode we wrote about the rapid decline in earnings outlooks for the S&P 500. We focus on this benchmark because it represents about 40% of the world equity market capitalization and houses most of the largest companies in the world. The US market is