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Why The Quality Factor Should Be In Your Portfolio

The quality investment factor is shinning in the past few years. These are companies that are good corporate stewards of their balance sheets, throw off lots of free cash low, have much more stable earnings than most, and do not use excessive leverage (as much

What’s the “Real” Deal on the Gold Rally

With gold making all-time highs, I thought I would update some of my thinking for followers. Asset (commodity) prices move based on the fundamentals of supply and demand distorted by periods of the manic speculation of fear and greed. The rationale for the investment (buy,

Lot’s of Support, Not a Lot of Confidence!

Please, make sure you do your part in the global pandemic. Not to participate would be selfish. Sacrifice is needed by all to preserve as much life as possible. Take care of yourself and your loved ones. The 2008 post Lehman playbook is still in