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Vaccine Timeline vs. Election Timeline

Back in February we featured COVID-19 risks to markets and wondered why the market did not care much. The fear of missing out based on Fed liquidity feeding markets was a significant factor. We look at the hope for a vaccine today and wonder how

Profit Margin Forecast Does Not Support Market Rally

It’s important to understand what happens to profit margins in a recession. And make no mistake, we are very early in the recession that will most likely last well into 2021 in a best-case scenario. The hope for recovery based on record amounts of liquidity

We Are Stuck! The Moral Hazard of Government Largesse?

As a thoughtful libertarian from the Austrian school of economics I believe governments participation in the economy should be minimal. Limited to creating an equal opportunity playing field for all (not equal outcome) and help set the rules for the pursuit of happiness. I adore

Why Investors Should Care About The Democratic Leadership Race

Super Tuesday March 3 is the big primary kick-off for candidates in the democratic leadership race where about one-third of delegates are decided. With Buttigieg dropping out Sunday night (and Steyer on Saturday), it appears that the motivation was to help Biden on Super Tuesday. DJT