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Keep Your Eye on Long Term Investment Opportunities

The tragedy of war is difficult from a human toll perspective. I recall having tears in my eyes trying to give investment advice in the days and weeks following September 11, 2001. The lessons of past tragedies remind us to keep focus on your longer-term

OPEC Plus ESG Equals Higher Prices!

Oil markets were devastated by COVID in 2020, but it is really Environment Social Governance (ESG) investing trends that has had a bigger (longer-term) impact. Most understand that the future of energy creation will be in renewables. I am not sure transatlantic flights will every

Chinese Tech Stocks in the Crosshairs

Antitrust issues have been a market factor since the 1887. A company gets too big and it can hurt consumers. There is a basic history lesson here. In recent years, big tech MSFT, GOOGL, FB and others have been subject of Congressional crosshairs. Jeff Bezos

What Demographics Can Tell Us About Where to Invest

There have been changes in demographics trends (due to COVID) and not just because of the grim death toll. We have looked at the dire (ageing) demographics before, but we are seeing an acceleration in declining birth rates after measures limiting social contacts and the

Uncertainty Demands Optionality in Your Portfolio

So how do you play the uncertain election outcome. Here’s what I’m doing in my (non-public) client portfolios. Most standard mutual funds cannot do these types of strategies. They typically fall in to the category called alternatives. Ratio put spreads This is a technique that