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The Global Crisis for Savers Continues

I have suggested for years that zero and (now) negative interest rate policies that central banks have employed are stealing money from the savers to prop up the economy and it’s not working very well. One estimate I saw recently has transferred over 2 trillion

Are Central Banks Stealing Your Safe Retirement Income?

The Bank of Japan will do everything to stimulate growth—but they will likely fail. According to the CIA world fact book Japan is tied with Germany for the highest median age population and has the oldest workforce. The average age of the workforce in Japan

Doha meetings: What we learned

When the Doha meetings broke this weekend, Saudi Arabia would not agree to a freeze on oil production because Iran would not participate and vowed to sell as much as they could at any opportunity. This has basically been their stance for the past few

Budget missteps on the First Day of the Job

Wow! It’s the proverbial first day on the job for the new Government and they’ve spun possibly the biggest misrepresentation in budgetary history. Unfortunately most Canadians will not understand and thus won’t realize how dangerous such a distortion of the facts can be. Expressing Federal