Berman’s Call for Thursday, April 2, 2020

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One of the market impacts from this crisis is a cut to dividends.

  1. From companies looking to save cash
  2. From legislation that will limit dividends and share buybacks until government money is paid back

The S&P 500 has futures contracts based on the expected dividend paid from the S&P 500 companies. The contract price is the dollar amount of dividend. So dividend of $62 on an index value of 3100 is a 2% yield. The expectations for dividend growth 3 months ago was for that to rise to over $70 by the end of the decade. Last month that expectation was for no dividend growth. Today, we see a negative hit to dividends and it will not return to $61 until the end of the decade.

The second chart is a sample of key dividend focused ETFs and how they have performed YTD. Dividends should still be a part of portfolios, but investors should consider this changing dynamic in the markets for the next decade and have this conversation with their financial advisors.


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