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An ETF Mix to Increase Returns with Less Risk

Larry takes a look at “smart” ETFs with superior result using a value approach and a growth approach – they beat the market index, but how did they do it, and how can you build a portfolio that is likely to have better results in

What is a Flash Crash and How Can You Protect Yourself?

In this week’s Globe and Mail column, we take a look at the latest example of a “flash crash” – investigating what defines one, how they are caused, and most importantly – how you can protect your portfolio. Ironically, one of the most popular tactics

Get Ready for a Few Weeks to Months of Higher Volatility

The last few months witnessed the lowest period of volatility in decades for the S&P 500. Until Friday, we hadn’t seen so much as a 1% (daily) change in over 2 months. Bollinger Bands are a technical indicator that measure market volatility. Here’s how they

Making Sense of The Latest US Economic Data

As markets continue to flirt with all-time-highs, corporate earnings fade, and valuation multiples approach levels not seen since Alan Greenspan called the market “irrationally exuberant” in 1996. Of course that was then, and this is now. In this week’s Globe and Mail piece we take

Goldilocks and the FED’s Interest Rate Conundrum

Janet Yellen will spin her Fedspeak on Aug. 26 at the annual Jackson Hole conference. Investors worldwide will scour the text for hints at what the future holds. In the past, Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC, a.k.a. Federal Open Mouth Committee) bosses have used the