The Investor’s Guide to Thriving Goes BIG!


As The Investor’s Guide to Thriving is now 8 shows into its latest 25-stop Cross-Canada tour. Thus far, the feedback has been that audiences are loving the big screen and big sound experience we’re able to deliver using our new movie theater format. Victoria and Vancouver shows are coming up this week, and we still have events planned in nearly all major cities in Canada. If you missed the tour announcement back in September, we’re featuring “Smart Portfolios” – taking a look at how to invest with factor-based, “Smart ETFs” to profit and protect, and generate dividends, income, and other forms of yield, whilst managing market risk in these very uncertain times. We’re updated the presentation to discuss the possible impacts of President Trump, and more.

Tickets are free, though our goal is to raise $20,000 for the charities that the series supports. Larry and Co will match the donations from guests, so we hope to give $40,000 to support the fight against childhood cancer, and Alzheimer’s disease – adding to the over $175,000 we’ve raised in past years. Thanks to all who have made a donation. If you would like to register for an upcoming event in a city near you, visit The Investor’s Guide To Thriving page. 

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