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Central Banks Suffer from Recency Bias – Do You?

Last week, Bank of Canada Governor Stephen Poloz flipped on his recent bias that the Canadian economy was strengthening – though he does expect a second-half bounce back from the Fort McMurray wildfires. “Recency bias” is a psychological phenomenon where people overweight more recent events

Goldilocks and the FED’s Interest Rate Conundrum

Janet Yellen will spin her Fedspeak on Aug. 26 at the annual Jackson Hole conference. Investors worldwide will scour the text for hints at what the future holds. In the past, Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC, a.k.a. Federal Open Mouth Committee) bosses have used the

The Global Crisis for Savers Continues

I have suggested for years that zero and (now) negative interest rate policies that central banks have employed are stealing money from the savers to prop up the economy and it’s not working very well. One estimate I saw recently has transferred over 2 trillion

Are Central Banks Stealing Your Safe Retirement Income?

The Bank of Japan will do everything to stimulate growth—but they will likely fail. According to the CIA world fact book Japan is tied with Germany for the highest median age population and has the oldest workforce. The average age of the workforce in Japan