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Short the TSX if This Budget is as Bad as I Fear

I’ve been suggesting for years that the debt and deficits are increasingly going to hurt economic growth. I’m fearful that the Liberal budget coming down this week will only make things worse for Canada in relation to our major U.S. trading partner. The government will

Why Interest Rates Won’t Likely Rise Much

This week I will be addressing the Manning Centre Conference in Ottawa on the topic of debt, demographics and the long-term implications for Canada. Having followed global financial markets for the past three decades, I’ve seen several bulls and bears. The one thing that has

Are Markets Overshooting Reality?

One always needs to tweak the current forecast for unknowns. Enter the Trump administration and the general “animal spirits” that have been released as it pertains to expectations for lower taxes, higher government spending and job growth. So how much are those “animal spirits” –


It turns out a great many of the protesters, sporting “not my President” banners, around America this week actually didn’t vote at all. Now they’re upset about the outcome? Sorry kids, that’s how democracy works, you have to stand up and be counted BEFORE the

What if Trump Wins? How Would Markets React?

According to popular U.S. statistician Nate Silver’s, the odds of a Clinton White House were down to 65.6 per cent when I wrote this article (on Friday, Nov 4th). Two weeks ago, before the latest e-mail saga, Hillary Clinton was pushing 90 per cent