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Are Share Buy-backs good or bad for investors?

Share Buybacks have been a very popular use of corporate profits in the past few years. By some estimates, they have “artificially” increased earnings per share by over 25 per cent in the past few years. This would suggest that if we factor in non-adjusted

April Showers, but No May Flowers

Stock analysts (bottom up) remain on crack. They almost always love their stocks and they basically get paid to tell a good story on why you should buy them. Very few are unbiased even after years of regulatory changes and the fact that they swear

Credit Spreads and Bank Underperformance

This week on Berman’s Call: Leading Indicators: Credit Spreads and Bank Underperformance There is nothing more toxic to growth than too much leverage. We have said for years that the bond market is far smarter about the outlook for the economy than the stock market.

Are we still in a bear market?

As we urged investors to see the opportunity in markets earlier this year, we’ve had a great bounce, but viewers ask – are we still in a bear market? In a word, yes. In a few more words:

Smart Dollar Cost Averaging

Putting a new twist on Dollar Cost Averaging

Trying to understand the mass psychology and behaviour of the markets can help us make better investment decisions. We have all heard of the idea of buy low sell high, but how do we figure out when to do it. Most investors tend to dislike