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Risk-Return of Gold Sector in 2020

When evaluating investment opportunities, I always look at both potential return of being right and risk of being wrong. Far too many people only consider the upside and not the downside. While gold bullion is not technically fixed-income in that it does not pay a

The 2020 US Election Risk is BIG!

We are about 1 year from the 2020 US election. From our view, the market is so focused on US-China trade, it cannot see the forest through the trees. A regime change in the US could have massive market implications that are nowhere near priced

What’s Up with the Repo Market?

The repurchase “repo” market is the function that deals with cash management in the bank-to-bank funding markets. You may have heard there have been some issues in recent weeks. It’s nothing investors need to worry about today, but it will be when the economy gets

When Are Interest Rates Too Low?

The ECB is expected to cut overnight rates 10 bps to -0.5% and extend their QE bond buying program at this week’s meeting. Outgoing leader Mario “Whatever it Takes Bazooka” Draghi is being replaced by Christine “Whatever it Takes TBD” Lagarde next month. The debate

Buying the Dip, but When?

Buying the dip always makes sense if you want a sleep-at-night type of portfolio rather than buying strength. The question, as always, is what do you buy and when do you buy it? We almost always focus on the S&P 500 because it represents almost