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Making Sense of The Latest US Economic Data

As markets continue to flirt with all-time-highs, corporate earnings fade, and valuation multiples approach levels not seen since Alan Greenspan called the market “irrationally exuberant” in 1996. Of course that was then, and this is now. In this week’s Globe and Mail piece we take

Goldilocks and the FED’s Interest Rate Conundrum

Janet Yellen will spin her Fedspeak on Aug. 26 at the annual Jackson Hole conference. Investors worldwide will scour the text for hints at what the future holds. In the past, Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC, a.k.a. Federal Open Mouth Committee) bosses have used the

Enough with TINA: There is an Alternative to Equities

Our latest piece in the Globe & Mail explores the argument that stock markets must continue endlessly spiraling upward. Why? Because rates are to remain between negative and to low (which we agree with), and therefor there is no alternative to pure equity risk (we

The Global Crisis for Savers Continues

I have suggested for years that zero and (now) negative interest rate policies that central banks have employed are stealing money from the savers to prop up the economy and it’s not working very well. One estimate I saw recently has transferred over 2 trillion