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Why work for a living when your house out-earns you?

Why work for a living when your house out-earns you? In a “truth is stranger than fiction” moment, the price appreciation of homes in greater Vancouver have produced more than the sum total of all work done by every single human being that lives in

Credit Spreads and Bank Underperformance

This week on Berman’s Call: Leading Indicators: Credit Spreads and Bank Underperformance There is nothing more toxic to growth than too much leverage. We have said for years that the bond market is far smarter about the outlook for the economy than the stock market.

Budget missteps on the First Day of the Job

Wow! It’s the proverbial first day on the job for the new Government and they’ve spun possibly the biggest misrepresentation in budgetary history. Unfortunately most Canadians will not understand and thus won’t realize how dangerous such a distortion of the facts can be. Expressing Federal

Round Table - Woman And Money

Women & Personal Finance

The financial industry has been male-dominated for a long time, but the tables have turned and women are poised to become more influential when it comes to money and financial decisions. Yet women still lose more sleep worrying about money than men, and in many