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Multi-Factor Smart Indexing with iShares

Multi-factor models have been increasingly popular in recent years. The whole smart indexing space has been the fastest growing area for the past few years and is projected to be the fastest growing area for the next decade. iShares expects an annual global growth rate

An ETF Mix to Increase Returns with Less Risk

Larry takes a look at “smart” ETFs with superior result using a value approach and a growth approach – they beat the market index, but how did they do it, and how can you build a portfolio that is likely to have better results in

Goldilocks and the FED’s Interest Rate Conundrum

Janet Yellen will spin her Fedspeak on Aug. 26 at the annual Jackson Hole conference. Investors worldwide will scour the text for hints at what the future holds. In the past, Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC, a.k.a. Federal Open Mouth Committee) bosses have used the