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What All This Taper Talk May Mean for Your Portfolio?

The Federal Reserve has started to talk about removing extraordinary accommodation. Market expectations are building for the reduction in stimulus to begin in September with the forward guidance to come out of the Jackson Hole conference. Likely, they will first reduce support for mortgage-backed securities.

Introducing the Berman’s Call PRO-EYEs Index

Early in my career when I was studying for the Chartered Market Technician’s accreditation (CMT) the level 3 requirement was to write a (Thesis) research paper. Mine was based on a combination of fundamentals and technical inputs that I created to use in evaluation the

AAII Sentiment Suggests Near-Term Caution

My approach to markets are mostly about understanding the probabilities of upside returns versus downside risks. In this regard, 2020 provides clarity with the benefit of hindsight. In a recession like we have experienced, this would be the first one since records began, where we

Berman’s Call for Thursday, April 2, 2020

Click here to watch the Thursday, April 2, 2020 episode of Berman’s Call on BNN Bloomberg TOP PICKS: INDA, FM, GLD One of the market impacts from this crisis is a cut to dividends. From companies looking to save cash From legislation that will limit

What is Keeping Larry Up at Night?

It’s not the VIX at 50+. It’s the fact that after-tax corporate profits tracked by the Federal Reserve in the national income data has not gone up in 7 years (including Trump’s ill-timed tax cut) by the way. So what’s going on here? It’s simple,